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English dictionary
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English dictionary


Žanr: Rečnici

Format: 140x270 cm

Broj stranica: 1692

Pismo: Latinica

Povez: Broš

The most up-to-date dictionary for learners of English!

* Over 100,000 references and 80,000 examples of words in use
* More references than any other English learnersbliog’ dictionary
* Only 2,500 words used to define all entries
* New two-color text for ease of use
* Up-to-date information on new words, spoken English and changes in meaning
* Short and clear definitions, with menus in longer entries to help find the meaning quickly
* Over 1,000 illustrated words throughout, along with a 16-page full-color section
* 22-page language study section

Although the English language is made up of over one million individual words, 90% of all written and spoken text consists of 7,500. The Macmillan English Dictionary highlights these vital 7,500 in red, encouraging learners to swiftly grasp the core words necessary to speak and write fluently.
This is a practical reference book for the classroom and home, offering invaluable support for those wishing to write and speak English accurately.

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